UPDATE: I am still collecting basketballs if you want to donate.  I will collect until the end of January!

I had the opportunity to visit the Heart Ministry Center this week on 22nd and Binney.  For those of you that are not familiar with the center, it is a place where those less fortunate can go to get food, clothing, medical and dental care, counseling and assistance to help them better their lives.  As I was getting a tour, we made a stop in the ‘toy room.’  The toy room is for children to get something for themselves as their parents gather the necessities.   My eye, of course, caught the shelf of sports balls.  I noticed rather quickly that there were no basketballs, just a ton of footballs.  I asked why there were no basketballs on the shelf and the volunteer said, “I can’t keep enough of them.  The kids all want basketballs.”  She went on to tell me that she asked a child one day why he wanted a basketball and not the other balls.  His reply, “Because I can play basketball by myself.  I don’t need anyone to play with.”   An idea popped in my head….you know where I’m going with this….to collect NEW basketballs for those kids that want to play the best sport there is to play!!!    Lady Cats parents and players, let’s get the Heart Ministry some basketballs!  Please consider donating a NEW basketball to the cause.  A NEW inexpensive indoor/outdoor basketball from anywhere will do the trick.  Please don’t spend a large amount of money as most of these basketballs will be used outside. Let’s keep the basketball gender neutral in color, so no pink basketballs please.  Multi-colored is fine.  Size 28.5 (women’s) would be the best size to get or a 29.5 (Men’s) would be fine as well.  There is no rush on getting these to me before Christmas as the need is year round at the center.  I would like to bring our donation in mid-January so let’s give the “New Basketball Drive” a January 6th deadline.  You can contact me to drop the basketball at my house or I’ll let you know when I will stop by some practices to pick them up.  Thank you very much for considering a donation.

Coach Karla Stocker

Learn more about the Heart Ministry Center…http://heartministrycenter.org/