Try Out and Registration Information


Registration Information

The Registration Link for Tryouts will be found here

Tryout Team Postings for 2023-2024 will be found under the respective grade levels below.

Date & Times for "To-Be" Grade Level & Tryout Results: 

Dates & Times are subject to change due to any conflicts that may occur at one of these locations. The email registered will be used to notify of any changes.

3rd Grade - Monday March 6th -- Results Here

4th Grade - Thursday March 9th 6pm to 7pm - Results Here

5th Grade - Thursday March 9th 7:30pm to 9pm - Results Here

6th Grade - Wednesday March 8th, 6:30 to 8pm - Results Here

7th Grade - Tuesday March 7th, 6:30 to 8pm - Results Here

8th Grade - Tuesday March 7th, 6:30pm to 8pm - Results Here


Grades: 3rd-8th grades

Attendance Parents are allowed to stay, but will be asked to stay in hallway during tryouts. This allows for the players to be focused on the drills and instructions of the development team for optimal performance. Incoming 3rd grade parents are allowed to observe tryouts.

Where: Tryouts will be held at either Millard West High School or Beadle Middle School depending on grade level.

Tryout Fee: There is no fee for tryouts;

Summer Setup/Fee's: There are no fee's for summer and all activities are considered optional and at the discretion of coach/team. In the past the organization has been able to secure gym time to allow for practice times for the teams. But any and all tournament costs are outside of the fee's mentioned below for the basketball season. It is highly encouraged to participate as much as possible at summer events, if setup by the team, because skill development will happen during these activities over summer and help the player be ready for the season.

Fall/Winter Setup/Fee's: There is a $100 non-refundable fee payable within 5 days of your player being selected to the club for the Summer/Fall/Winter Season. This fee will go towards the balance for the overall Club fee for the season. Club fees are subject to change, but for the 2023-2024 season it will be $350 per player with a $75 one-time uniform fee for all new players or for those players that kept their uniform from the prior season.


Important Info & FAQ's:

  • Team Assignments
    • Every effort for Team Assignments will be done to post teams on the website shortly after tryouts.
    • Team Assignments will be used for any summer activities that the team decides to participate in.
    • If a player elects to not do any summer activities, the player is guaranteed a spot on a team for the Fall & Winter Season and will start the Fall with the team originally assigned unless a change is deemed necessary.
    • While we do not foresee many changes to team assignments to start Fall. As a club we do need to reserve the right to re-evaluate any and all development of a player that may occur over the summer. This evaluation also helps with any attrition to the club or new players to the club that may occur and help us maintain the best "FIT" as we enter the Fall season.
    • During the 1st week of Fall practices, the development team and any other evaluators selected may evaluate the players and if necessary make roster changes to ensure the proper "FIT" for each player and the proper setups for teams as they enter the Fall season.
    • The club also reserves the right to evaluate the development of a player during the Fall season that may require a better "FIT" for the Winter Season and make any necessary changes.
    • The Ladycat Development team will be involved in this process and where necessary the Ladycat Director will make any final decisions.
  • "FIT":
    • It is imperative to make every attempt to not focus too much on the label of BLACK/GREEN/WHITE and GREY.  Based on the progress and development of the team, some teams may find themselves playing in the same divisions for league and tournament play. Team assignments are fluid and are not based solely on tryouts; but also with any feedback provided on the player development, effort, skill level, attitude, attendance, and when able performance from prior season play. Players are always being evaluated for future considerations and the best "FIT".

The concept of "FIT" is something we as a club strive for to make sure players are on a team where their current skillset are appropriate and will develop at a rate for their ability. All kids develop and learn differently, so embracing the "FIT" mindset and helping to make the experience the best for them helps with the players continued development.

For instance: A player that is not ready or struggles with a certain skillset needed for higher level play will see their playing time affected because that level is not in line with their development. In these instances the growth of the player more often than not will be delayed and frustration from player and parent starts to increase, their lack of fun also increases, and the love for the game diminishes. We do not want that experience for any player.

On the other side: If a player is playing at a level where they are not challenged, this too delays their potential development and leads to an unenjoyable experience for everyone.

Another reason why "FIT" based on their skillset and player attributes for the respective team is key and a heavy influence for team assignments and any possible movement that may be implemented.

  • Will we know what team we are after tryouts?
    • Yes, our intention is to get results posted in the following days after the tryout.
  • Who will be our coach?
    • Depending on the grade, most coaches are volunteers and are placed based on team assignment during tryouts. Ladycat director has final say on coach placement.
  • What Grade Level Do I sign up for?
    • Tryout grades are for the grade your daughter will be going into for the next school year. Not their current grade.
  • Do I have to register before hand?
    • Pre-tryout registration is strongly encouraged to help make tryouts and team placement a smooth process.
  • Do I have to use Team Snap?
    • Yes, the registration link will require you to sign up free with Team Snap, the official communication tool used by the Lady Cats. If you already have a Team Snap account, simply sign up with that email and password.
  • What do I need to bring to tryouts?
    • Please bring your basketball with players last name on it and a water bottle to tryouts.
  • How do we know if tryouts change?
    • The weather in Nebraska during March can be interesting, If a date or time should change, you will be informed via email or text using the information you registered with in Team Snap.
  • I am interested in helping to coach, what do I do next?





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