Welcome to Millard West Lady Cats Basketball

About Us

The Lady Cats feeder program has been a part of Millard West basketball since the school's beginnings.  The idea to groom and grow young players for high school teams has proven beneficial for both the school and the players who love the sport of basketball.  With a constant follow of communication between Lady Cats Directors and High School Coaches, the teachings of the feeder program are in direct line with what the girls will see in high school.  Players come out of the program fundamentally sound, have high basketball IQ and a deep appreciation for what it takes to win as a team.  Equally important are the relationships they have built with future teammates and familiarity with the high school coaching staff.

The Ladycat Feeder Program follows a strict "Zero Tolerance Policy", which can be found by clicking on this link "Zero Tolerance Policy" or on the Zero Tolerance button below.

If your daughter is currently on a Lady Cats team or you are interested in the feeder program as a player or coach, please Contact Us.  We welcome communication with current players and those interested in playing or coaching for this successful basketball club.

The Lady Cat Program

  • The Lady Cat's organization has made a significant investment in communication tools to ensure coaches, players and parents are informed on all club happenings and team schedules.
  • All teams have a Team Snap site where coaches can post game & practice times, record win-loss record, send emails and text alerts, and show off team photos.
  • Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are also used to deliver messages, club events, and team successes.  Links provided at the top of the website...Follow us!
Practice Structure
  • The teams practice 2 times per week with half of practice time devoted to individual player skill development and the other half team principles.
  • 3rd Grade - 1 hr skills practice each week, 1 hour team practice 
  • 4th Grade - 1 hr skills practice each week, 1 hour team practice 
  • 5th- 6th - 1 hr skills practice each week, 1.5-2 hour team practice
  • 7th – 8th -  (2)- 2 hr practices each week.  The first 45 min -1 hour will be all skills focus work.  The remaining time will be team principles.    

Leagues & Tournaments

  • Lady Cats teams play in the OSA Pella Youth League.  Level of play (Gold, Silver or Bronze) is determined by the coach of each team.
  • As for tournaments, each grade will be given an allotment amount for tournament registrations.  Older grades will play in more tournaments than the younger grades.
  • On average, teams will play between 35-50 games per season.
Skills Development
  • The Lady Cats program is a Skills Based Program with it's primary focus being individual player development.  The stronger each player is individually, the stronger the teams will be. Great players create Great Teams.  Due to this focus, we dedicate half of our practice time each week to skills work.  We want to build all around basketball players, not position players.
  • To have the most effective skills nights, we combine all teams per grade level in the gym to optimize our ability to run large group transition drills, perform position specific drills, and to develop each player equally.  It also creates an awesome atmosphere for teamwork and player enthusiasm.  The skills practices are designed by the Development Team and the team coaches themselves.


  • Lady Cats coaches are both paid and volunteer coaches. We work hard to find coaches that value the mission and philosophy of our program.  We look at our coaches as 'one staff' working together to build strong players not just on their teams, but as a club overall.
  • Our coaches are former high school and college players, current semi-pro players, and men & women who coach other sports in addition to basketball.  Our veteran coaches are always training our new coaches, making the caliber of Lady Cats coaches exceptional over the years.
  • Furthermore, since this is a girls program, we also strive to have a strong female coaching presence in all of our gyms.
Player Expectations
  • Represent Millard West in a positive and influential manner
  • Success begins and builds on fundamentals
  • Display class, self-discipline and character both on and off the court
  • Set standards and expectations of excellence in everything we do
  • Work hard, have a positive attitude and be coachable every day
  • Attend practice regularly... Nov-Feb basketball takes priority
  • Encourage teammates to be the best they can be
  • Win with class and lose with dignity
  • Lady Cats claim victory as one team!