Meet the Development Team

The Lady Cats Development Team is comprised of individuals that have years of coaching experience, extensive knowledge, and most importantly a passion for the game of basketball.  These individuals pride themselves on being ambassadors for girls basketball in the greater Omaha area and work year round with other program directors to make sure they are raising the bar for girls basketball in Nebraska.

The Development Team is dedicated to teaching not only the great game of basketball, but teaching life skills to young girls.

How is the Lady Cat Program Successful ?

  • By being in the gym with players and coaches to oversee and assist with player development
  • Constant communication throughout the club
  • Being fiscally responsible
  • Creating a culture that values all teams at all levels of play
  • Providing fun opportunities for club bonding
  • Bridging the feeder and high school programs
  • Being positive role models.
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Casey Hall

Director of Operations


Scott Wenz

Director of Coaching


Sam Kooienga