Tournament Options & Instructions


A list of tournaments in the area and surrounding areas can be found below. Details to be added as they are announced.

Tournament Listing`

Tourney Machine is also a great resource to look at Tournament Options.

Tourney Machine

Elkhorn Youth Sports Tourney Links:

Elkhorn Tourney Options

NOTE: The tournament sheet will be updated regularly as new tournament dates become available.  The tournaments in RED are current tourney's.  The ones in Black are last season's dates; however, tournaments typically are around the same time each year.  You can assume the ones in black will be updated for this season around the same time.

Out of Town Tournament Options : 

More to be Added Summer of 2022

Pentagon Sanford

Sioux Falls, SD

All Iowa Attack

Ames, IA

KC Premiere

South Dakota Network

Ohlde Elite

Shawnee Mission, KS

Please get Drew's approval before you decide on any out of state tournaments.


In the past, each team was given money to use throughout the season to sign up for local and out of town tournaments.  Moving forward Sam will pay for all tournaments from our master account and coaches will be assigned to certain tournaments and able to pick others.

Why we changed it?  In part due to the COVID season, but also to help ensure that we help other local feeder programs that help sponsor our own Ladycat Tournament. As Club Directors we do not want to chase down payments and any unused money.  This is more work on our end, however, it is the best way to keep control of our funds and leverage longstanding relationships with other clubs and leagues.  All programs, feeder and private, are in this together.  We want these kids to play!

Take the following steps before determining any tournament play:

  1. Review tournament list that Drew has informed you of which your team will be required to play in.  With your remaining allotment of tournaments, review the list of tournament dates and determine which ones you would like to attend.  Fall tournament requests are due to Drew by September 30th.  Winter tournament schedules are due to Drew by December 14th.
  2. Register for all tournaments via Tournament flyer or Tourney Machine online registration link. (Whichever options are available)  Note: If emailing form into the tournament director, CC Drew as well.  If mailing in a form or registering online, email Drew that you have registered for the tourney. Drew keeps a master sheet of all teams and tournaments each is attending over the course of the season.
  3. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO DO THE FOLLOWING: For all tournaments pick the "pay by check option".  All tournaments have this option.  If they don't, do not proceed, notify Drew and he will call the director.
  4. One payment per tourney is then made by Sam. Drew will inform the tourney directors how many registrations they will be getting from the Lady Cats.  We will then pay them for those teams.
  5. When registering, be sure to list any conflicts for the tournament director.  Please be realistic with these conflicts.  Conflicts are true times when your team can't play.  Do not simply request times because they are your most desired time to play. Ladycat Director will have final say if necessary on tournament conflicts.
  6. Tournament schedules usually come out 4-7 days before the tournament starts.