Zero Tolerance Policy

Zero Tolerance Policy 

 Because of the various behaviors taking place within or at youth sporting events across the country, many organizations have chosen to adopt a Zero Tolerance Policy towards these behaviors in an effort to protect the integrity of the club, sport, and players, but also to minimize these instances as much as possible. The Millard West Ladycats Feeder Club has decided to take a proactive approach and adopt the following measures: 

The following is the policy for the Ladycat Feeder Club:. 

It is the responsibility of ALL coaches, players, parents, relatives, siblings, and other spectators to maintain the highest standards of conduct for their behavior at all Ladycat sporting events including, but not limited to, practices, games, and tournaments. Abusive and obscene language, violent play, violent conduct, fighting, and any other behaviors detrimental to the sporting event will not be tolerated. 

It is the responsibility of ALL present to support the presiding official of that particular sport. There will be absolutely NO YELLING OR BELITTLING of these presiding officials. In addition, there will be no criticism, sarcasm, harassment, or intimidation of any kind towards the presiding officials. Failure to follow these simple instructions will undermine the official’s authority and has the potential to lead to a hostile environment for players, officials, and all other participants and spectators. 

It is the understanding of any parent that chooses to have their child participate in Ladycat events that these simple guidelines MUST BE FOLLOWED. 


  • Any minor infraction: A verbal request or warning will be given by a coach or referee, and it is expected that the reason for the warning will stop immediately. 
  • Subsequent infractions: The offending person or player will be asked to leave the playing field area immediately until the next scheduled event. The Ladycat Development Team reserves the right to take further action depending on the severity of the situation. 
  • Serious or consistent infractions: The Ladycat Development Team reserves the right to take action as it deems necessary up to and including permanent dismissal from the Ladycat program. Should anyone not comply with this ruling, the Ladycat Program will seek assistance from the local Police department immediately. 

All participants in the Ladycat program should adhere to the following principals of good sportsmanship: 

  • Respect the decision of coaches and officials 
  • No expletives, disparaging comments or derogatory remarks 
  • Treat opponents with respect 
  • Whatever the outcome of the competition, be respectful. At the conclusion of the game, congratulate and shake hands with the officials, coaches, and opponents. 
  • Do not encourage or participate in conduct that violates the rules or spirit of the game. 


The following are some simple guidelines that coaches, players, and spectators are expected to follow: 


Coaches are the role models for our youth and will make an impression on the players for years to come. Coaches must demonstrate good sportsmanship on and off the field. “Coach” represents and symbolizes a leadership role in our community and a representative of the Ladycat program at all competitions. Coaches are expected to: 

  • Insure and promote the safety of all participants during practice and games. 
  • Control behavior of players/parents/fans during competitions 
  • Show respect to all players, parents, officials, and opponents 
  • Teach fair play 
  • Lead by example and conduct themselves in a respectable manner. 
  • Abide by all local/state regulations for youth/player safety. 


It is a privilege to play a sport, be on a team, and represent the Ladycat program at various competitions. Therefore, players must follow the Ladycat rules during all practices, games, tournaments, and other organized Ladycat events. Players are expected to: 

  • Treat opponents, officials, and spectators with respect 
  • Follow all Ladycat rules and policies for sportsmanship  
  • Respect officials and accept their decisions 
  • Win without boasting, lose without excuses 


The Ladycat Feeder program is honored to have incredible parents and spectators. It is important to remember that the players respond to the actions and behaviors of the spectators. Spectators are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship and show respect to all players, officials, and coaches. Spectators are also expected to: 

  • Not coach players from the sidelines during the game 
  • Do not criticize the officials or coaches 
  • Cheer and support all players regardless of the outcome 
  • Communicate with the coach and create a supportive environment 
  • Understand and respect the different roles of parents and coaches 
  • Understand that improper behavior at any event may result in a parent being asked to leave the field or event by a referee or other official and respect that action 
  • At all times show empathy for our young developing athletes